20 Cat Breeds That Shed the Least

Table of Contents Devon RexCornish RexKurilian BobtailLaPermPeterbaldBengalSiameseSingapuraSiberianDonskoySnowshoesSphynxChausieSelkirk RexAmerican CurlsBombayBritish ShorthairRussian Blue Cat owners love nothing…

Cat owners love nothing more than to cuddle with their kitty but it can result in unsightly fur sticking to clothing.

Even worse, cats known to shed their coats can trigger allergies, leading to owners with itchy eyes and runny noses.

Fortunately, the International Cat Association’s (TICA) Roeann Fulkerson has shed some light on the feline breeds with the least fur fallout.

Devon Rex

This Devon Rex is using cat’s favorite nap and play spot on a platform scratching post
Birute/Getty Images

With their impish looks and mischievous personalities, the Devon Rex is considered the pixie of cats.

Fulkerson said: “They don’t require much grooming and in many cases, brushing your hand over the coat is all they need.

“Devons have a short wavy coat with modified guard hairs and little undercoat. They shed very little.”

Cornish Rex

Devon Rex
Cornish Rex cat against the black background
Birute/Getty Images

The Cornish Rex cat breed’s most unique feature is a coat that lies in tight waves close to the skin that resembles a washboard.

TICA’s Director of Marketing & Business Development said: “This coat [results in a] low maintenance cat. They shed very little.”

Kurilian Bobtail

Kurilian Bobtail
Black beautiful Kurilian Bobtail cat standing on the sofa
Anton Novikov/Getty Images

Considered the clowns of the cat world, this breed is thought of as inquisitive, sociable, talkative and playful, and their intelligence means they need to be shown or told only once to understand house rules.

Fulkerson said: “Longhair or shorthair, the Kurilian Bobtail’s coat does not tangle easily and only requires regular brushing to maintain.”


A LaPerm cat lies on its back and stretches its legs
oxico/Getty Images

These small cats are considered mischievous with a wicked sense of humor.

The cat expert said of these “curly-coated cuddlers” that “LaPerms are known for their soft, curly, low-maintenance coats.”


The Peterbald is a rare and fashionable breed and contrary to its name, these cats come in five coat variations
Oksana Zhigulina/Getty Images

The Peterbald is a rare and fashionable breed and contrary to its name, these cats come in five coat variations.

These include: completely hairless or very fine short hair on the face and extremities; a coat resembling a peach or a piece of suede; one made entirely of downy soft hair without waves; a coat made up of varying lengths made entirely of wiry, kinky hair; or a more standard cat coat.


A beautiful bengal cat sitting on a bed and turning round
Kech/Getty Images

While extremely active, the Bengal cat is also very affectionate and can be a “lap cat” whenever its decides.

Fulkerson said: “The Bengal is the sole domestic cat boasting rosettes resembling the markings on Leopards, Jaguars and Ocelots on its fur.

“Shorthaired Bengals don’t require much grooming as their short hair results in little shedding.”


The beautiful brown cat, Siamese, with blue-green eyes lies in a green grass and leaves
Vital Hil/Getty Images

The short coat of the Siamese cat breed requires minimal care and is easy to groom.

TICA states: “They tend to associate brushing with affection and enjoy being combed weekly. You can also remove loose hair by dampening your hands with water and stroke down the cat’s body from head to tail.

“The sophisticated Siamese looks dressed for an elegant masquerade ball in pale evening wear with chic black accessories and tanzanite-blue eyes.”


Singapura cat lying on the floor. The smallest cat breed in the world
Viktor/Getty Images

Although the Singapura is the smallest breed of cat, it is also an energy-packed dynamo wanting to help its humans with everything.

Singapuras have short hair coats that need little or no maintenance, with Fulkerson adding: “If the cat is healthy, bathing is not necessary. Frequent brushing is something they love.”


Siberian cats have long hair and a thick coat resistant to even the most extreme weather, and this can vary with the season
marieclaudelemay/Getty Images

These natives from the forested, subarctic area of Siberia possess a calm nature, making them excellent candidates for serving as therapy cats.

Siberian cats have long hair and a thick coat resistant to even the most extreme weather, and this can vary with the season.

The TICA spokesperson said: “They are considered a hypoallergenic cat breed due to far-less reduced levels of Fel d 1 protein sequence in their genes compared to other breeds.

“The coat will shed seasonally in the spring and fall, and you may need to groom more frequently during that time.”


Portrait of an intelligent Donskoy Sphynx cat at home
Jun/Getty Images

Donskoy hairless cats are described as resembling “extraterrestrials coming from the outer universe.”

These beautiful kitties should be wiped down daily to get rid of the oils produced by the skin. They should be bathed once a week or twice a month.

Fulkerson told Newsweek: “Their appearance is characterized by magic harmony and their wrinkles give them an extraordinary old and wizened look.”


Portrait of a Snowshoe cat breed at home
Mik122/Getty Images

While many cats like to play with water by sticking their paws under a running faucet, the Snowshoe likes to swim.

“Snowshoes love water, so don’t be surprised if one jumps in the tub with you shallow container of water to splash around will keep them entertained for hours,” Fulkerson said.

She adds: “The Snowshoe’s shorthair makes them easy to groom and although most of these cats are capable of grooming themselves, it is a good idea to brush their coat once a week to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils.”


A Sphinx cat relaxes with its human owner
OlgaChan/Getty Images

Known for its hairless coat, the Sphynx cat adores attention and attracts it wherever they go, but TICA’s Fulkerson notes that despite their striking and distinctive appearance, this cat breed does not lack hair entirely.

She said: “Fine down covers the skin of most Sphynx cats, giving the skin a chamois or suede-like texture. Light hair is usually visible on the nose and backs of the ears.

“Sphynx cats should be bathed regularly, however, one of the biggest misconceptions of the breed is that they need to be washed weekly. Over bathing can actually disrupt the natural PH balance of the skin, causing an overproduction of sebum to self-regulate.”


An orange Chausie tabby kitten is sleeping peacefully on a blanket with a traditional Indian print
Corey O’Hara/Getty Images

The extremely intelligent Chausies are all about pleasing their owners by providing plenty of love and attention, such as learning new tricks like playing fetch and walking on a leash.

Fulkerson suggests this low maintenance attitude extends to its grooming regime, saying: “The Chausie is a very low-maintenance cat requiring only periodic combing and does not need to be bathed. Affectionate, active, people-oriented cats.”

Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex
A crious Selkirk cat breed looking at camera
Thomas Leirikh/Getty Images

Often jokingly dubbed dogs in disguise, the affectionate Selkirk Rex cat breed is devoted to its family and can be taught to walk on a leash to participate in family outings.

Fulkerson said: “The shorthair variety has a dense, plush, curly coat that resembles a teddy bear; while the longhair variety has an even more tousled look that gives the appearance of a woolly sheep.”


American Curls

American Curls
A dark haired American Curl cat lies on a white table
White_bcgrd/Getty Images

American Curls can be either longhair or shorthair. Shorthair Curls should be brushed regularly with a grooming glove or soft brush. Longhaired Curls do not have much undercoat but should be brushed occasionally.

MTICA’s Fulkerson added: “Less undercoat means less shedding and less maintenance.”


Years of selective breeding has given the Bombay cat a sleek, dense black coat that has minimal shedding
FedotovAnatoly/Getty Images

Bombay cats boast borderline dog-like characteristics, meaning this breed can be leash-trained, and can even learn to play fetch.

Years of selective breeding has given the Bombay cat a sleek, dense black coat that has minimal shedding.

British Shorthair

 British Shorthair
The British Shorthair’s coat is particularly dense and these cats lack any undercoat, giving the fur a plush appearance with very minimal shedding
acmanley/Getty Images

A fairly standardised grooming regime of regular brushing is all that is required to remove dead hair and distribute this breed’s skin oils.

The British Shorthair’s coat is particularly dense and these cats lack any undercoat, giving the fur a plush appearance with very minimal shedding.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue
Purebred Russian blue cat with green eyes on a dark background with books
Olezzo/Getty Images

The Russian Blue breed, with its dense, silky, double coats, is especially easy to groom and maintain.

These cats shed over a two to three week period annually only once or twice and are known to produce less Fel d 1, a protein recognized as one the main cause for cat allergy sufferers.