Adorable teddy bear Chow Chow saved from ‘kill list’ – but still hasn’t found a home

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A Chow Chow who was set to be euthanised has been saved from a ‘kill list’ – but is still looking for a home months later.

Julius, who has been likened to a teddy bear, was saved from a ‘kill list’ in Romania, and was going to be put to sleep in February.

But he was rescued and brought over to the UK to find a new home.

However, the young dog continues to be overlooked at Oakwood Dog Rescue, in Hull, TeamDogs reports.

Julius has gained a lot of attention on social media, but keeps being brushed aside by potential adopters.

The poor dog has a rough start in life, and has the scars to prove it

It is thought he might stand a better chance at securing a forever home in Grimsby, Cleethorpes or Scunthorpe.

A spokesperson at Oakwood Dog Rescue said: “He’s so beautiful and looks like a big cuddly teddy bear.

“But sadly Julius has had a hard past and he’s got scars to prove it.

“We don’t know the full story but what we do know is that somehow he ended up in a Romanian kill shelter.

“What happened before is a mystery, although it’s very likely he was mistreated and beaten in the past.”


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Julius, who is about two-years-old, was very distrusting of people when he first arrived at Oakwood Dog Rescue.

He felt the need to defend himself but after a lot of time and treats, he has made great progress.

The spokesperson added: “He still doesn’t trust every person he sees and it takes time before he allows those he doesn’t know to touch him.

“There are times when Julius gets worried even with people he trusts but as long as he’s allowed to choose when he wants to interact with you he’s quite loving and playful.

“But it’s not going to be like this with the new family he meets because he won’t know them yet and it will take time before he realises he is safe with them too.”

Julius is ready to find a family and a place to call home oakwood dog rescue hull
Julius is ready to find a family and a place to call home

As Julius is yet to learn that not everybody wants to hurt him, he must live in an adult-only home with no other dogs or cats.

His new owners must have Chow Chow experience.

Chow Chows have a complex temperament and an independent mind of their own. They are not an easy breed and so Julius needs someone who knows how their minds tick.

The charity added: “We realise how gorgeous he is and everyone falls in love with him at first sight but we have to do what’s right for him.

“This means we have to make sure his new family meets those requirements. The last thing we’d want to do is traumatise him even more by putting him in an environment he wouldn’t be able to cope in.”

Julius has not been socialised with dogs and doesn’t know what to do with them. He can be very inappropriate and bark in their faces which puts other dogs off. He can also mount other dogs which is why he is assessed as an only dog.

If you are interested in potentially adopting Julius click here or for more information here.