Golden Retriever Diving for Rocks Underwater Amazes World-wide-web

Golden retrievers acquired their identify due to their ability to retrieve game on shoots, even…

Golden retrievers acquired their identify due to their ability to retrieve game on shoots, even so what about retrieving rocks from underwater?

Properly, 1 dog on TikTok has revealed an aptitude for just that, in a video clip which demonstrates him diving for rocks in a lake and a river.

In footage posted to the app on August 13 by an account known as theschnoutsquad, we can see proof of the golden retriever’s expertise.

The online video commences with a close up of the adorable dog’s encounter, accompanied by a soundbite from the 2001 movie Lawfully Blonde in which protagonist Elle Woods, played by Reese Witherspoon, asks her boyfriend: “So you’re breaking up with me for the reason that I am too blonde?”

Nevertheless, textual content overlaying the graphic substitutes the phrases “I’m as well blonde” for “I dive for rocks.”

The track “Coronary heart of Glass” by Blondie then begins to play, as the camera focusses in on a pet dog out in a lake, diving underneath the water, then swimming back with a substantial rock in his mouth.

We can then see the pet performing the same factor in a river, as he proudly wades to shore with a a further heavy featuring in his jaw.

To show that this is a frequent action for the pet, there is nonetheless extra footage of the lovable pet bobbing and diving for his substantially-beloved rocks.

Theschnoutsquad captioned the cute online video, which can be viewed right here, producing: “But diving for rocks is the finest! #goldenretriever #rockslayer #swimmer.”

The sweet footage has received a ton of traction on the net, owning so significantly been considered by a whopping 4.9 million individuals and captivated a lot more than 1.2 million likes.

Numerous men and women rushed to the comments area to share their sights on the spectacular video clip.

Just one TikTok person, Natasha Robichaud, commented: “Mam that’s not a puppy that is a extremely fluffy otter.”

A different particular person, Jessica Denis-Lavoie, asked: “Is it a golden issue? They appear to be to actually adore drinking water like more than other breeds am I tripping?”

Dorothy Harrower uncovered: “I’ve never viewed a pet dunk I’m dead.”

Lanizzz typed: “My pet dog dunks her head for rocks but omgggg he’s full on diving.”

Emma commented: “Nooooo omg the cutest.”

Jmondrezejewski gushed: “I have hardly ever noticed a canine diving in my daily life!”

Lucy questioned: “Do pet dogs know not to breathe underwater? Or is it something find out as a result of demo and error lead to I won’t be able to picture a puppy holding his breath.”

To this, Theschnoutsquad responded: “He in fact blows bubbles underwater and can maintain his breath for up to a moment.”

Newsweek have contacted Theschnoutsquad for comment.

A stock picture of a golden retriever taking part in in drinking water. A related pet dog has long gone viral because of to his penchant for diving for rocks.