International Cat Day Celebrated By Herndon Cat Fans

HERNDON, VA — Even though historic Egyptians beloved their cats and even incorporated drawings of…

HERNDON, VA — Even though historic Egyptians beloved their cats and even incorporated drawings of domesticated felines in their hieroglyphs, you will find no indicator they celebrated Global Cat Day.

That is way too poor.

Any cat proprietor will convey to you that their cat is the centre of their interest — what selection do they have?

In honor of Intercontinental Cat Day on Sunday, Patch questioned the cat fans in Herndon to share shots of their cats by way of Neighbor and Fb posts.

Thanks to the mind-boggling reaction from Herndon’s cat-loving local community, Patch’s Intercontinental Cat Day celebration will be spread out above quite a few days. Check again on Monday for aspect two, which will attribute much more pictures submitted by our viewers of Herndon’s helpful felines.

This is Lucifer. — Ruby Hildreth, Herndon

This is Sméagol. — Abigail McGuirt, Herndon

This is 17-calendar year-previous Paris. — Sarah Masters, Herndon

This is Marbles and she is 4. — Samantha Bear, Herndon

This is Tabitha. She’s a rescue so we aren’t 100% certain how previous she is but we feel 5-decades-aged. — Carrie Breig Hester, Herndon

My cat, Jepp, has his individual FB and IG followings. He is named for the aviation chartmaker, and it much more like a “canine in a cat” entire body — who performs fetch, runs on his exercising wheel, and it usually content to see me! — Christopher L. Freeze, Herndon

This is Sasha, the queen of providing side-eye. — Brett Fox, Herndon

This is Lucille. She life exterior and desires to occur in. — Danilo Cicak, Herndon

Bandit, Frank, Tavi and Bart in the back again corner. All were being rescues and close to 10-decades-previous. — John Cole, Herndon

This is Gracie. I went to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter virtually 5-decades-ago and she picked me by rolling in excess of on her again just about every time she saw me walk by. I wake up, she’s on my lap. She avoids every person else in the property. Finest adoption at any time. — Elizabeth Soliday, Herndon

Luna having a chill. — Lou-Anne Hemmings, Herndon

GiGi sporting her Christmas tie. — Lou-Anne Hemmings, Herndon

This is Mazikeen. — Ruby Hildreth, Herndon

Disguise and Seek out — Kate Flegal, Herndon

Greetings from Zoey. — Robert Garnier, Herndon/Oak Hill

Scooby and Casper — Melanie Bartlett, Herndon

Rascal — Sally Sue White, Herndon

Voodoo —Sally Sue White, Herndon

I have a box cat. — Diana Fields, Herndon

Nasim – Siamese combine — Jennifer Kerner, Herndon

This is Lily, still left, rescue #1 when we were stationed in South Korea, and this is Charlie, rescue #2 when we were being stationed in South Korea. They are equally worldwide tourists — Jessica Doerr, Herndon

Pookie!!!! — Joanne Ford L’Heureux, Herndon

This is my boy Max. — Susie Littlejohn, Herndon

My bonded pair rescues- siblings Jingles and Holly. — Cait M Mahoney, Herndon

Turkish Angora — Jaclyn Wooden Gobuluk, Herndon

Ash & Soot hanging out on the cat wall I crafted. — G Jason Greenwalt, Herndon

Skip Rainbow…Maine Coon mix. — Amy Walker Wemyss, Herndon

Q (for the star trek race, not the conspiracy theorists) — Marina Valero, Herndon

Greyworm — Marina Valero, Herndon

Raven — Marina Valero, Herndon

This is Ginny. — Sherry Blanton, Herndon

Maisy suggests hi, as nicely. — Robert Grainer, Herndon/Oak Hill

“And Maisy’s tale is a excellent a single. Her mother was killed by a design auto in a new neighborhood. The litter ran into the sewer, and all kittens ended up rescued speedily except Maisy. She was in the sewer for 10 times right up until our friend decreased a fitted sheet with cat foods in it and she climbed in and was rescued. We could not resist that rescue story and nonetheless simply cannot resist her.” — Marnie Crannis Garnie

This is Chloe. — Erica Fuller, Herndon

Chloe seems to be like my son’s sweet cat. — Kim Kanouse Phillips, Herndon

I am a kitty mother! This is Monty (7 years) and Roxy (12 many years). Both are adopted from 4Paws Rescue Group where by I have volunteered. Monty is demonstrating off by pretending he is in love with Roxy. They hold us amused and occasionally aggravated 24/7. We wouldn’t have it any other way! —Mickey Glassman, Herndon

Unnamed cat submitted by Saras Pillai

Princess — Marcia Follin Stewart, Herndon

Echo, practical operate kitty. — Stephanie Witt Sedgwick

Unnamed cat submitted by Amber Thayer, Herndon

This is piccolo! Purebred Siberian sweetheart! — Shruthi Shyamala, Herndon

Do you have a cat that you are celebrating International Cat Working day with? Share their shots in the comments to this story.