The adorable dog cafe where you can cuddle puppies with a coffee and cake

The Dog and Scone in Newcastle currently has eight resident dogs, including dachshunds and pomeranians…

The Dog and Scone in Newcastle currently has eight resident dogs, including dachshunds and pomeranians

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Inside the Dogs and Scone, Newcastle – credit: Jasmineizzy

A cafe where customers can cuddle canines whilst enjoying a slice of cake and a cup of coffee sounds like a dog-lovers dream.

But that dream becomes a reality at the Dog and Scone, in Newcastle upon Tyne, where visitors can snuggle with sausage dogs and pet pomeranians.

Launched in 2017, the eatery has eight resident dogs that are always up for a fuss.

The idea behind dog cafes is to allow people who can’t have pets due to renting, working long hours, or because they simply can’t afford them, the chance to find company in canines.

The Dog and Scone on Pudding Chare, Newcastle


Simon Greener)

A spokesperson for the Dog and Scone said: “We know in this busy world it’s not easy for every dog lover to own a dog, so we want to provide a place where you can have a nice cup of tea and relax with our cute pooches.”

Residents at the garden themed dog cafe include:

  • Momo – a toy poodle, and the oldest of the bunch

  • Mallow – a teacup maltese

  • Yuki – a teacup Yorkshire terrier, the most shy of the dogs

  • Peach – a mini dachshund who loves to cuddle

  • Sugar – a teacup pomeranian

  • Noodle – a longhaired mini dachshund

  • Teddy – a pomeranian, and the youngest pup in the cafe

  • Shadow – a long haired chihuahua who’s best friend is Teddy


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Tiktok user @jasmineizzy said it was “a great place to go if you miss your doggy”.

In a video showing her trip to the cafe – which has been viewed over 450,000 times – she showed herself cuddling some of the adorable puppies, including Peach, Shadow and Yuki.

The comments section was filled with people desperate to visit – so here are some things you’ll need to know if you’re planning a trip.

Jasmine at the Dog and Scone in Newcastle


Tiktok @jasmineizzy)

Entry costs £6, which includes a £2 deposit which you’ll get back – your first drink is also included in the price, so you’re only paying about £2 to cuddle puppies.

There are a number of house rules to bear in mind, such as no dogs on the tables, and let sleeping dogs lie!

Children over 135cm are allowed to visit, but must be fully supervised. People should, naturally, be careful with the dogs – so no pulling ears and tails.

Guests are also asked not to feed the dogs, and not to let them pinch food off the table.

There’s a great menu to choose from, including hot toasties and wraps, as well as cakes and scones.